Lighting & Grip

  Lighting and shadows are many times the visual influences that set apart the professionals and others.  We take pride in understanding these differences.  Thus, we do everything possible to support those efforts and help supply our clients with the right knowledge and equipment necessary.  We carry many different brands of lighting and grip gear.  If you don’t see a piece of gear you are looking for listed, give us a call.

Light Kits

     ARRI "Softbank One" Tungsten Kit
          - Kit Includes: (1x) 1K w/ Chimera (2x) 650w (1x) 300w (4x) Stands
               (1x) Jelly Roll (1x) Set of Scrims (1x) Bag of C-47s (1x) Egg Crate

     ARRI "DV Custom 5 Light" Tungsten Kit
          - Kit Includes: (1x) 650 w/ Chimera (2x) 300w (2x) 150w (5x) Stands
               (1x) Jelly Roll (1x) Set of Scrims (1x) Bag of C-47s (1x) Egg Crate

                    *Custom ARRI Light Kits Can Be Assembled Upon Request*

     Lowel Rifa Kit
          - Kit Includes: (1x) L55 Softbox (1x) Stand

ARRI Lights

    ARRI 1K Open Face Light

    ARRI 650w Fresnel Tungsten Light

    ARRI 300w Fresnel Tungsten Light

    ARRI 150w Fresnel Tungsten Light

KinoFlo Lights

    KinoFlo Lights
          - 4ft - 4 Bank
          - Diva Lite 400


    Mottled Gray 9' x 12'

    Green/Blue 8' x8'

    Green 12' x 12'

    Black 15' x 21'

Misc. Grip & Lighting

    Matthews 18"x24" Flag Kit

    Matthews 24"x36" Flag Kit

    Sound Blanket

    Frezzi Sun Gun
        w/ 50w Bulb or LED Bulb

    Matthews C-Stand w/ Knuckle & Gobo Arm

    Matthews 15lbs Sandbag