Just because audio is not in our name doesn’t mean we don’t know what to do with it.  With a wide inventory of top named brands and products, we have the right gear needed to add superior quality audio to your video project.  If you don’t see a piece of gear you are looking for listed, give us a call.

Field Audio Kits
     * Call for details (415) 456-7900 *

Audio Mixers

     Sound Devices 302 Stereo Field Mixer

     Shure FP-33 Stereo Field Mixer

     Mackie 1604 VLZ 16 Channel Mixer

     Mackie 1402 VLZ 14 Channel Mixer

Microphones - Hard Wired

     Schoeps MK-41 Shotgun Mic w/ Power Supply

     Neumann KMR-81 Shotgun Mic w/ Power Supply

     TRAM Lavalier/Lapel Mic

     Shure Beta 58A Hand Mic

     Electro-Voice RE-50 Hand Mic

Microphones - Wireless

     Lectrosonics UDR200B Wireless Stick Mic

     Lectrosonics 200 Diversity Wireless Mic System

     Lectrosonics 100 Series Wireless Mic System


     Clear-Com UPX-10 Wireless Cue/IFB System

     Telex Hard-Wired IFB Kit

     Telex Hard-Wired IFB

Wireless Accessories

     Shure UA845 UHF Antenna Distribution Kit

PL / Intercom

     Telex BTR-800 Wireless PL System

     Clear-Com TW-12B System Interface

     RTS PS-31 PL Power Supply

     Telex PS-15 PL Power Supply

     RTS PS-8 PL Power Supply

     David Clark Noise Canceling Headsets

     RTS BP-325 Belt Pack

Misc. Audio

     2-Way Powered PA Speakers

     Marantz PMD660 Solid State Audio Recorder

Motorola Walkie-Talkie Kit